Travelling With Pets – What You Need To Know

One of the difficult things about planning a fun holiday can be the thought of having to leave your furry friends behind, but travelling with pets becoming increasingly common, it is easier than ever to bring them with you!

With advice on the best way to travel with your four-legged family members via car, plane and train, this short video will help you prepare them for the journey with test trips, tips on pre-travel eating and when to take rest breaks, as well as essential info on checking for dehydration and more. Do not forget to make sure they are always wearing an ID tag too!

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Twitter: Hate leaving your pet at home when you head off on holiday? Take them with you! Check out our tips on travelling with pets, from planes to trains. 

Facebook: If you are planning to take your furry friend on holiday, make the journey as easy as possible by taking a large, well-ventilated crate, stopping regularly if possible, and feeding them around four hours before travel to help avoid nausea. 

Agent: Keep the stress to a minimum when travelling with pets by using ID tags, crash-tested carriers and enough food, water and medication to last the trip. 

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