Top Tips For A Great Staycation In India

Owing to Covid-19, taking a domestic vacation is becoming increasingly popular around the world. People are looking at innovative ways to save money while still enjoying all the benefits of a holiday. Not only do you get the chance to know your homeland, but you’re also able to skip lots of the hassle involved with foreign travel. So, if you’re finally ready for a holiday, look closer to home and take a staycation instead!

Find the best weekend getaways

Kick-start your search by looking up possible destinations, weekend getaways, or attractions in your country. Are there lakes or beaches to visit, an interesting city to explore, or even a sanctuary you’ve always wanted to explore? Do make sure they’re accepting visitors before you plan a trip.

To work out how much you can afford to spend on travel, narrow down your search by the travel expense and accommodation budget, as well as any key activities that may cost extra. You should also download the best travel planning apps, as many companies are currently offering travel deals.

Look for free activities and experiences

Affordable accommodation isn’t the only way to cut costs. However budget-friendly your staycation may seem, it can be easy to get carried away with extras. Try to focus on low-cost or free activities. Check out listings for local events at your destination such as markets, walking tours, and open museums.

You could even get creative with your ideas. Instead of indulging in an activity, you could make a fancy picnic and enjoy it in a nearby park or have a ‘home cinema’ movie night in your apartment. Whatever you choose to do in these times, make sure you carefully follow all social-distancing norms.

Get excited when you plan a trip!

To maintain that exciting vacation feeling even when you’re close to home, make a list of all the cool, exciting things you can do at the staycation. You can even travel by car and turn it into a road trip to the best vacation spots in India.

You can even enjoy a break from your phone for a day, so you can relax and forget about work. Engaging in a new skill like crafting or language-learning, will also help you relax. Finally, if you have a holiday home, rent it out to fellow travellers via AirBnbB. But before you do, make sure to insure your home.