Tips for running to improve your health

Running is one of those brilliant exercises you can usually do anytime and anywhere. It also has many benefits including, stronger bones, better cardiovascular fitness, and improved mental health. Since you don’t require any equipment, other than running shoes, you can make it work around you and your lifestyle all year-round. Here are some simple running tips to ensure you can keep running safely and comfortably, whatever the weather.

1. Pick your time

Creating a routine helps in making exercise an integral part of your life – so find a day and time that you can stick to each week. You may need to adjust your routine for changing seasons. For instance, during monsoon stick to running when there are limited or no clouds in the sky. Alternatively, if you do run after a downpour, be extra careful! If possible, try to jog around the house if there’s a thunderstorm.

2. Get the right gear

It’s crucial to protect your joints with the right footwear. You can find some of the best running shoes online on Amazon, Decathlon or Myntra. These online stores offer different buying guides so you can find the best trainers for yourself. It’s also important to carry your phone on you in case of emergencies, so find running gear with zip-up pockets. For running in winters, you might also want to invest in a windproof jacket, headband and gloves.

3. Change up your route

Any activity that you do regularly can quickly become mundane unless you keep it fun and fresh, so plot different routes and explore new areas. Long-distance running is a great opportunity to head out into new natural areas and see somewhere new. However, do remember to keep track of your route and have GPS activated on your phone just in case you get lost. 

4. Incorporate Variable Intensity Training (VIT)

Ideally, you will be combining different degrees of intensity into your running practice to get the most out of your workout. Why not try walking for the first 5 minutes of your run, jogging for 15 minutes, running at a fast pace for 10 minutes and then repeating? If you’ve been looking for some running tips for beginners, trying VIT can help you build stamina and run for longer.

5. Warm-up and cool down

Warming up is important whatever the season. Be sure to stretch your muscles and start your run with a gentle jog before building intensity, as this helps prevent injuries. Likewise, dedicate a few minutes to cooling down at the end.

Sometimes we all need a boost of motivation to keep exercising through the colder months, so why not find a friend you can go running with? Alternatively, trying running tips like setting goals to train for a race can be beneficial. You might even want to look at a marathon 1-year training plan to stay on track!

6. Give yourself a treat

It’s important to recognise hard work and achievement in your life—and exercise is no different! Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to one of your favourite foods or whatever it is that makes you happy when you’ve had a great running session. After all, workouts should act as positive aspects of your life and running regularly will help you feel that way. 

Running is a great activity that improves heart health. However, if you seem to run out of breath quickly, you may want to get tested before you begin. Here’s a flexible heart and health insurance plan that covers all of these tests, and is there for you in case you ever need help!