The most important thing your car needs

Buying a suitable car insurance plan with relevant features and benefits can be a tricky job – but Future Generali has you covered with a car insurance plan that will surely meet all your requirements.

We are currently spoilt for choice,in terms of sheer variety across sectors such as consumer durables,banking products,automobiles and even electronics.With so many options one does sometimes feel overwhelmed when it comes to making a purchase decision.

The same applies to insurance.Major companies in India are offering a range of life,health,travel and car insurance plans that offer a bevy of benefits.These plans are designed to account for most eventualities that the customer might face.However,the car insurance market is still developing top of the line products that help customers get the best features and benefits,while also offering ease of purchase and renewal online.

In this connection,it is important to mention that Future Generali’scar insuranceplan ticks all the boxes when it comes to benefits,ease,convenience and customer service.It is an all-round product that offers excellent blend of features,benefitsand fastclaim settlement turnaround times.Additionally the plan comes with multiple benefits,a few of which are mentioned below:

  • Easy purchase and renewal:

    You can simply log on to the Future Generali car insurance page to study its features and benefits.Once you are convinced about the plan’s benefits you can proceed to buy it online.Even car insurance renewal can take place online easily.

  • Faster claims process:

    When it comes to claims settlement quicker is always better and Future Generali does offer fast claims settlements.The customer service personnel are trained to deal with claims and queries quickly and efficiently,and the customer is guided at every step so as to minimise delays.The company’s claims survey is also quite quick.Through Future Xpress and Xpress+,the company offers a simple and personalised service process to ensure smooth and quick claims settlement.

  • Accident help:

    In case your car meets with an accident,you can call the company’s helpline to get towing assistance for your car within city limits.The company’s roadside assistance department works 24/7 to help customers stranded on the roads.

  • Add-Ons:

    Apart from the salient features of the car insurance policy,you can also opt for additional comprehensive covers to enhance the policy coverage even further.The premiums for these covers are quite nominal.

    Apart from the benefits highlighted above,Future Generali car insurance also offers:

    • No Claim Bonus:

      You get a No Claim Bonus(NCB)when you renew the policy within 90 days of the plan’s expiration date,and up to 50%discount.

    • No Claim Bonus transfer:

      You can transfer the full benefits of the NCB when you shift your insurance policy from Future Generali to another insurer.

    • Voluntary Excess Discount:

      You can opt for Voluntary Excess,even if you have already opted for Compulsory Excess,making you liable for a discount as per the amount you have opted for.

    • Automobile Association Membership:

      The Future Generali car insurance plan gets you additional discounts if you are a member of a recognised automobile association in India.

    • Anti-theft devices:

      Fitting your car with an ARAI-approved anti-theft device gets you additional discounts.