The Hidden Benefits Of Working From Home

Working from home sounds great in theory: Get up late. Grab a coffee. Open your laptop. The dream commute. But what are the less obvious benefits of ditching the office life? Telecommuting has its own pros and cons.

Gaining back time

Commuting costs time—an average of 80 minutes every day. From getting together with loved ones to self-improvement and passion projects, you have probably got better things to do with those precious minutes. You will also be free to create your ideal work environment or even, on occasion, work from a new city or country entirely. After all, the work will still get done, and that cafe in Bandra does delicious pastries!

Health and productivity

The freedom from working from home could also give you a healthier, calmer life. Maybe that’s why one study of a remote working trial, in which 50% of a department’s employees worked from home, found that those who did took fewer sick days. If that was enough, the department’s overall productivity improved by 13%. When the trial ended and even more of their employees started to work from home, that rose to 22%.

Of course, most roles probably still need some face to face interaction and plenty of communication. It’s essential to get the balance right if you are going to be successful. So, have an honest conversation with your boss about the best way to use conference and video calling facilities, setting up regular meetings to keep each other up-to-date. There are also collaborative tools like Google Docs and G-Suite at your disposal that could help you and your colleagues work together more effectively.

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Find out how you can transform your tech to save time and improve productivity at home with our tips and tricks.

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