Surprising everyday places germs gather and how to avoid them

Staying healthy and maintaining your well being is something that’s often taken for granted. That is, until you come down with a nasty bug. Catching a cold or flu can be so debilitating, sapping your energy and leaving you feeling run down for days and sometimes weeks. And it’s so common! In fact, the average incidence of the common cold in adults is two to three per year and in preschool children, it’s as many as five to seven per year.

The good news is that there are lots more precautions you can take to avoid catching bugs than you might otherwise think. Germs can spread from person to person like wildfire and they’re often found in unexpected places. Aside from avoiding friends and colleagues who are coughing and spluttering and washing your hands after using the toilet, there are a few extra precautions you can take that might not be so obvious.

Here are some surprising places that germs love, so you can take some additional precautions to protect your health.

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Twitter: Adults can catch as many as 3 colds a year. Here are some of the less obvious ways to avoid them and stay healthy.

Agent: Bugs spread like wildfire and can leave you feeling lousy for days and weeks. Here are some surprising places where germs gather and some less obvious ways to avoid them.

Facebook copy: It’s easy to take your daily health for granted—until you feel unwell, that is. Here are some surprising places where germs gather, so you can take some added precautions!

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