Not Just Your Car, Your Motor Insurance is Cool, too!

The car you buy is an extension of your personality. If you are outgoing, extroverted and filled with a desire to
announce yourself wherever you go, you are bound to pick a dashing sports car that turns heads everywhere. Or if you
are a quiet person who only uses his car to get from one place to another, you might pick a medium-sized vehicle in
a subdued colour.

Either way, your car is a precious acquisition that you are proud to flaunt. It is your companion on long drives and
your friend on road trips with friends and family. In times of distress, it protects you by taking the first impact
of an accident. Meanwhile, its many features and attached gizmos make your driving experience a pleasurable one. All
in all, you are so enchanted by your car that you cannot think of life without it.

Your cool car requires a cool accessory as well. No, we’re not talking about getting a snazzy new sound system or a
state-of-the-art GPS – though these are great, too! We’re referring to something that keeps you safe in an accident
(no, not a braking system) and also takes the financial pressure off in case you need to pay for damages and
repairs. It’s called a motor
policy and it is the coolest accessory your needs. Here’s why:

  • It pays for damages

    Paying for car repairs, especially after an accident or some natural circumstance that damages your car (such
    as floods or earthquake), is an expensive proposition. Your car might meet with an accident or it might get
    damaged over a bad road. Either way, your motor insurance policy can pay for the repair and restoration.

  • It pays hospital costs

    In the unfortunate event of suffering a grievous injury in an accident, you will need to go straight to
    hospital for both first aid and emergency treatment. But hospitalisation is very expensive in India.
    Instead, your motor insurance can pay these costs.

  • It helps reduce your liability

    Despite intense precautions, your car might end up causing damage or injury to another. You can even be held
    culpable if your car collides with a stationary car, or a jaywalker or even immovable property. If you have
    a comprehensive car insurance policy, it can take care of third party liability and pay for the injured
    party’s treatment as well.

  • You can buy it online

    The easiest way to insure your precious car is to buy car insurance online. All
    major insurers have interactive web portals that make the motor insurance purchase process very simple.
    Simply select the policy you wish to buy, calculate the premium payable using an online calculator and
    proceed to buy the motor insurance online. You can pay online and the policy documents are sent to you
    within a few days.