Keep making memories

Your car is linked to some of the most special moments in your life. You can make more memories with the help of car insurance.

Every person’s life is a tapestry of memories. Some of them are sad, but most of them are joyful. Ever since we are born to the time we depart, we hold on to these dear memories that bring a smile to our face. Even during times of deep crisis, these memories can invoke peace and happiness in our hearts.

If you are a car owner, you may have special memories linked to your car. If you bought your car when you were really young, your first ride must have included your parents in the back seat. You may have driven them around everywhere and gladdened their hearts several times over. You also took the car out for solitary drives when you felt blue. Or when you planned exciting road trips with friends.

Later, you got married and took your spouse out for long drives. The two of you planned your future together, sitting on the bonnet of your car and staring up at a sky full of stars. You vividly remember the fast drive late at night as your spouse started experiencing labour pains. And the sweet homecoming with your little bundle of joy.

The point is, your car has been your constant, uncomplaining companion through the best times of your life. It has provided friendship and protection in equal measure – you recall with a shudder the many times your car swerved to avoid a collision, or braked right in time to let a jaywalker pass by. Your car has provided years of faithful service. You are beholden to provide it with a great car insurance policy that safeguards it from damage and accidents.

Car insurance – the best car accessory

Over the years, you have fitted your car with the best accessories that money can buy. Your car has a good GPS tracker, a modern braking system, and a sophisticated anti-theft alarm. You may have invested in expensive seat upholstery and a soft steering wheel cover as well. While these accessories are important and can also enhance the performance of the car, there is one accessory that is most essential: car insurance.

A car insurance policy is needed to keep your car and you safe from many mishaps on the road. Not only is your car vulnerable to damage from natural calamities (floods, fire, earthquake, cyclone, etc.) but also from accidental damage. Besides, as the driver of the car, you are also susceptible to accidental injuries that require hospitalisation and treatment. The car insurance policy protects your car and you from these events. But more importantly, it helps you create more special memories with added peace of mind – because it has your back always!