How To Stay Safe And Enjoy Riding A Scooty?

Few forms of transport are more exciting and freeing than two-wheeler driving. These transportation include motorbikes and scooters. In India, the latter has become a far popular choice among youngsters. They’re learning how to drive a scooty before they’ve even graduated from school. 

If you are new to two-wheel driving, it’s worth getting up to speed on safe riding tips to enjoy your time on the road. When you go scooty driving for the first time, it’s very tempting to go incredibly fast right away. However, some risks are just not worth taking. Here’s how you can safely learn how to ride a scooter in India.

Gearing up with a safety helmet

In terms of gear, you should invest in is an excellent safety helmet to protect that all-important brain. While it does not need to be super expensive, it should have the ISI mark, a unique mark of quality given to industrial products by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). 

According to the traffic rules for two-wheelers, anyone wearing a non-ISI helmet may have to pay a challan of up to INR 1,000. So, if you’re tempted to buy a helmet from a roadside vendor, it’s important to refrain. It’s also essential to look for the ISI certification because the Indian Government has banned the use of imported ECE, DOT and SNELL certified helmets.

To stay safe and avoid paying a challan, you should buy a good safety helmet. Amazon offers an entire collection of helmets for riders to try and get home-delivered. In case you’re looking for something with a little panache, check out their range of girl helmets for scooter driving. Moreover, you may want to invest in good quality gloves. Doing this will ensure that your hands don’t accidentally slip from the sweat that accumulates from traffic and heat. 

Accessorise for scooty training

To avoid getting hurt, you will need some protective gear like knee pads and elbow guards, especially if you’re a beginner. While you may want to opt for style, do keep in mind that equipment should be specially designed for protection. And, awkward as some of your gear might seem, remember the silver rule – ‘All the Gear, All the Time’. It could save your life.

Next, unless you’ve already bought the transportation, you will need some wheels. Buying a scooty is a great choice for new riders. However, you should resist going for the biggest and most powerful one right away. You can try this list of best beginner bikes to help you decide your purchase. Less power and more manoeuvrability will keep you safe and make you a better rider.

Ride smart with scooty driving classes

Unless you know how to drive a scooty according to the two-wheeler driving rules of India, you should opt for some lessons. Many 2 wheeler driving schools offer classes that take you through the process and also help you get a learner’s license. After completing your scooty learning classes, you only require calm focus for a safe riding experience.

When you are finally on the open road, remeber to stay safe using the scooty training tip: pretend you are invisible. Since two-wheelers fit nicely inside blind spots, you actually are mostly invisible to other drivers on the road. Consequently, you will act as though someone could hit you at any moment, thereby keeping you alert and safe.

Before you tackle busier, more dangerous roads, it’ll also help you stay safe and build your confidence. When you’re learning how to drive a scooty, it’s better to tart off with quieter roads with which you are well acquainted. Even in those roads always remember this scooty learning tip – stay vigilant. A new and unexpected hindrance, however small – such as a pothole or stones – could be very dangerous if you are on two wheels.

Tips for driving a scooty in India

When you are on your scooty, be sure to keep your hands and feet in the right position. That means covering your brakes and gripping the accelerators with your hands facing forward rather than down. Doing this will ensure that you don’t accidentally speed up when you hit a bump on the road. Moreover, you should follow the updated two-wheeler driving rules when learning how to drive a scooty to avoid paying a challan or losing your license.

India drives on the left-hand side of the road. A trick to maximise the visibility is to hold the right side of the lane when turning left and vice versa when turning right.  But if the bend is blind, always stick to the left to avoid big vehicles that may have strayed over the line.

Another great trick is to use other vehicles to your advantage. When you are at a junction, it can be tempting to use your superior acceleration, to get away first. But if you let another vehicle go first, you can use them as cover to reduce your chances of a collision with someone who’s missed or ignored the traffic signals.

Also – no wheelies!


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