How to file a car insurance claim

In today’s highly mobile and digital era, buying a car is no more a daunting task. However, it comes with lots of responsibilities like safe driving and protecting your vehicle from any damage. Due to the rising heavy road traffic and rash driving, it has become very difficult to safeguard your vehicle. Here a car insurance policy can be real savior. An effective car insurance policy is equally important as your driving license. Insuring your car that is purchasing car insurance policy and renewing it yearly means you are well prepared for the expenses that may be incurred due to mishaps. Simply put, when your car needs repair due to any damage, car insurance policy proves beneficial as all the damages caused due to unforeseen circumstances will be covered without making a hole in your pocket. However, it is essential to know the right procedure of making a car insurance claim on the policy.

Many of us think that car insurance claim is a harrowing experience. However, it is because of technicalities involved and lack of knowledge. Remember, the claim process depends on the type of accident like collision, hit and run, vandalism, theft or anything other. It may vary for different insurance companies as well.

Let us have a look at how to file insurance claim properly and with ease.

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    Contact your car insurance company at the earliest about the accident. A claim can also be filed in case of

    • Theft
    • Vandalized.
    • Car is damaged from a non-accident-related event like severe weather conditions or fire

    Important tip here is to keep your insurance company’s card and telephone number handy. Nowadays, you can get it easily online as well. When you inform your insurer, the insurance company initiates your car insurance claims process . The company will also guide you about what needs to be done as well as all the formalities with necessary documents. Informing the company from the incident scene will also be helpful in getting some support in real time.

    When you report the accident to the insurance company, the company will assign a dedicated surveyor/claim professional will be assigned to you. He/she will investigate the circumstances and inspect your vehicle. A few insurance companies have tie-ups with utilities and provide a guarantee on the repairs done.

  • What information will you need?
    When you file a claim, it is essential to provide the details to the surveyor/company including:
    • Venue, Date and time of the incident.
    • Policy Number, start and end date of the policy
    • Your full name and address
    • Names, addresses, and contact details of all witnesses, passengers, and drivers.
    • Licenses of all drivers.
  • Evaluation of the claim by surveyor/claims professional and claim settlement:
    The surveyor will work on your claim. After car inspection, investigating the situation, examining evidences of injury claims, he/she will discuss the situation and your coverage.
    • Reimbursement claim: The policyholder pays the garage directly. The repair bills and receipts need to be submitted to the insurance company or the surveyor. The company then pays the policyholder within stipulated period from the document submission date.
    • Cashless claim: The insurance company will approve the claim amount and it will be communicated to the suitable workshop directly. Insurer will pay for the repairs directly to the concerned workshop.

It is true that a car insurance claim is a slightly tricky job. However, it is not difficult if you understand basic pointers listed above. Remember, following the correct procedure will ensure that there are no hassles and unnecessary delays because of claim rejection. Go through the policy document clearly. Check out the claim procedure on the company website. Contact the helpdesk/customer care in case any assistance is needed. So, in case of any mishap, get all the documents ready and file a claim by keeping all above points in mind to avoid unnecessary delay and troubles.