How Safe Is Your Motorbike Helmet?

Whether you are a regular rider or just a casual biker, a well-fitting, top-quality motorbike helmet is essential for safe travel, and saves thousands of lives lost in road accidents every year. But with all the different types of two-wheeler helmets available, it can be confusing to decide on the best!

This handy infographic is a sneak peek at the most important aspects to consider when buying a motorbike helmet, so you can find the safest option for you and your pillion rider.

Always check the official safety regulations and the mark of ISI on your helmets. Know more about this at


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Twitter: Safe helmets save thousands of lives in motorbike accidents every year. Check out our guide to picking the best helmet for you and your pillion rider.

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Meta title: A Future Generali Guide to Buying the Right Motorbike Helmet

Meta description: A well-fitting, top quality motorbike helmet is vital for safe travel. This guide from Future Generali explores the most important things to consider when buying a helmet.