Happy food: the scientifically proven way to improve mood

Have you ever noticed how, after eating certain foods, your mood seems to have suddenly improved—even after a long, hard workday? That could be because of their brilliant mood-boosting properties. Studies have shown that a diet of ‘happy food’ such as fruits and veggies can have a chemical effect on the body, thereby making you feel better, as well as full! The good news is that Indians are generally leaning toward wholesome, healthy meals.

A study has found that Indians are aware of and are choosing organic food. 63% are willing to eat a plant-based diet forgoing meat, and 65% won’t eat genetically modified food. Good food translates into a healthy body and mind, as well as a better mood. Check out the following mood enhancers and incorporate them into your diet any time of the day.

Breakfast food to make you happy!

Not only has breakfast been scientifically proven to positively affect us physically, but it also has a psychological impact that lasts the rest of the day. Starting the morning right with some extra mood-boosting foods will put you in the best position for a productive day ahead.

Use ingredients such as calcium-rich yoghurt, eggs, banana, blueberries and pumpkin seeds. These options come with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that boost feel-good feelings. Why not make a super green smoothie bowl with banana, yoghurt and avocado topped with pumpkin seeds? Or try scrambled eggs with a side of spinach? 

Happy food options for lunch

When it comes to lunch, eating heavy, sugar or salt-laden foods don’t just lead to an afternoon slump—they can also bring down your mood. Additionally, fill your body with vitamins and nutrients such as magnesium while maxing out on colour and taste with a packed salad that will put a smile on your face.

Happy food options like cheese, cherry tomatoes, oats, mushrooms and chicken make for a perfect salad. Whatever delicious salad you do make, why not whip up a simple turmeric dressing with olive oil and black pepper? After all, turmeric has been linked to have anti-inflammatory and serotonin-boosting properties. 

Mood enhancing foods to end the day

Finish off a day of happy, healthy eating with an omega-3 packed seafood or vegetarian dinner. Sardines, Mackerel or Bangda and Salmon are all known for their high levels of vitamin B12, which helps support brain cells. These options also contain nutrients that regulate your thyroid, a source of mood regulation in the body.

If you’re a vegetarian, a hearty dinner of kidney beans (rajma) and rice could pack you up with essential omega-3 and put you in a happy mood, instantly! In case you’re looking for something light, try making this tasty chia seeds pudding.

Find foods that boost your energy

Depending on our unique anatomy, some foods might work for us, others might not. Find out if you’re lactose intolerant or allergic to gluten with simple tests. Eliminating these foods can elevate the pressure off your stomach and put you in a good mood. A great way to keep a check on yourself is through yearly tests – some of which are included for free in health insurance packages.