Great gift ideas for the men in your life

Sick of the standard ‘man gifts’ of socks, mugs or cologne? It’s true, shopping for guys is tough. Even the most creative gifters can run out of good present ideas. It’s tricky to think of cool, interesting gifts for the men in your closet family, and for male pals it can be even harder because you don’t always know what they’ve already got.  

When birthdays or festivals come up, you fret about how to make your best pals appreciated. Not to fear! Whether you’ve got a generous budget to blow or you’re hunting for a personalized gift at a bargain price, we’ve got some amazing ideas. 

Gifts that keep on giving

Gifts that keep on giving are particularly great to receive. This could include a year-long food or drink subscription for their favorite foods and beverages. Or get more creative and subscribe to a monthly package of grooming essentials (for the dapper men), snack boxes (for the movie addict) or a book subscription (for the bibliophile). It could also be something they can use for their hobbies, such as a cycle or motorcycle helmet, a new tennis racquet, or a Fitbit to track their progress. If you have both been missing out on travel due to the pandemic, why not make a homemade ‘voucher’ for a surprise trip together in the future? 

Gift him an experience

Is there something that your friend has always wanted to do, such a ride in a helicopter, go sailing or play golf? There now are plenty of adventures and sports experiences you can purchase as gifts. Or sign him up for specialized Zoom classes to learn a new language or skill – plus kill some lockdown boredom until the pandemic eases up. And remember, whether your friend or family member is a sports enthusiast or art collector, always encourage them to pursue their hobbies in a safe way, taking precautions in case of unexpected accidents or losses, by buying lifestyle insurance

Imaginative ideas for all the family

Forget chocolate or yet another tie, give your male family members something unforgettable this year. Help your Dad find his inner zen with a meditation app subscription, such as to Headspace. Professional cooking knives are a great option for men who love to cook. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling generous, innovative technology gifts are always well-received, such as wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Affordable gifts for friends

As for your friends, why not go for something personal yet affordable? Tech-loving pals would almost certainly love a smartphone film projector. A compact travel journal is a perfect present for keen travelers looking to record all their adventures. For your environmentally-conscious friends, why not look into kits for growing your own plants? You could even buy them seeds for common cooking herbs so they’ll always have fresh parsley and basil when they cook for you!