From theft to injury, here’s why travel insurance is important

It’s an all-too-common scenario: you’ve been looking forward to a family holiday for months, then suddenly disaster strikes. From lost luggage and canceled flights to a nasty bug that results in you being unable to travel, you may find yourself with a ruined holiday at a hefty cost. However, If you have travel insurance, you can relax knowing that your holiday, health, and money are protected.

Why buy travel insurance? 

Whether you’ve got lost items requiring replacement, urgent medical needs, or need help to arrange a new flight through our 24-hour assistance system, travel insurance can give you the assistance you need to ensure a worry-free trip. And it’s easy to purchase too: you can buy travel insurance online.

We look at the key scenarios in which travel insurance can help get your trip back on track quickly.

Lost or stolen luggage 

Planning a family holiday can be a mammoth task, particularly when you have children. From plenty of layers for a fun family ski trip to swimming trunks and enough sunscreen for a warm beach break, your suitcases are bound to be meticulously packed. And if you’re planning to work while you’re abroad, you can add pricey equipment such as a laptop, tablet and camera, and smartphone to the list.

Unfortunately, despite all the precautions you can take to keep your luggage well-labeled, bags go missing at airports all the time. Luggage and valuable items are occasionally lost or stolen on trains, buses, and other modes of transport. Not only is this a huge nuisance as you’re left with only your carry-on and the clothes on your back, but it can also be enormously expensive to cover the cost of everything you’ve lost. 

How travel insurance can help

Once you’ve spoken to the airline or travel provider and reported the item lost or verified a theft with local police, your baggage insurance can help you cover the costs of the belongings that have been lost or stolen. Depending on your plan, they may also be able to provide you with any immediate items you might need or a small sum to help purchase urgent products and clothing. This way, you won’t be paying out of pocket and can focus on enjoying your holiday instead. This can be especially helpful when traveling abroad. For example, the Future Generali overseas travel insurance cover includes lost luggage and passport loss. 

Delays, cancellations, and unexpected interruptions

Baggage trouble isn’t the only scenario that can interrupt your trip. You might find yourself in a difficult situation that limits your ability to travel such as an unexpected pre-holiday injury, or perhaps the loss or hospitalization of a close loved one. Dealing with these situations is hard enough without adding the additional stress of losing money on a trip you’ve already booked. Alternatively, you might be in tip-top health but find your travel plans disrupted by long delays or cancellations due to adverse weather, natural disasters, or administrative errors – all of which can ruin your holiday, and leave you with financial losses too!

How travel insurance can help

Whatever your scenario, travel insurance can help you cover those unexpected costs and make sure you won’t lose out as a result of situations beyond your control. This could involve covering additional expenses incurred by the delay, such as food and drink, stay at the airport, or potential flight and accommodation refunds for canceled trips. Even if you cannot enjoy your holiday now, this coverage could allow you to re-book it again in the future under better circumstances, so you won’t lose money in the process.

Managing medical emergencies abroad 

You may have made it to your destination (with luggage in tow!), but what happens if you suddenly have a medical or dental issue while abroad? Not only does sickness spoil a holiday fast, but medical care can also be costly in some countries. You may need to pay high amounts to get the kind of high-quality treatment you’d be able to have at home. Sporty holidays involving hiking or skiing may seem more prone to accidents, but in reality, even the most laid-back trips can have hidden perils. This could range from falling and breaking your leg on cobbles while exploring a medieval European city, to contracting a nasty bout of food poisoning from eating undercooked meat during a luxury lunch at a tropical Caribbean beach resort.

How travel insurance can help

Travel insurance guarantees that you can get the best help possible in these situations by helping to cover or reimburse the cost of medical treatment, and offering expert advice. It ensures much-needed support in emergencies that might require you to travel for treatment or cut your trip short. You never know when disaster might strike, but with good travel insurance, you’ll have peace of mind and security for worry-free travels.


You may ask yourself, ‘Why do I need travel insurance for Europe?’, or ‘Why buy travel insurance for a domestic holiday?’.  Whether you are traveling internationally or within India, travel insurance is vital to have peace of mind before and during your trip. It can save you from huge financial losses by covering medical expenses, accidents, financial emergencies, baggage loss or delays, passport loss, and delays and cancellations. 

What’s more, it’s now easy and safe to purchase travel insurance online. Future Generali has some of the best travel insurance in India. There are various types to choose from depending on your specific needs, from domestic travel insurance to overseas travel insurance, worldwide and student travel insurance