Car insurance renewal made easy

Every process becomes quick and easy in the age of the Internet. From shopping for clothes to paying utility bills, and from booking movie tickets to looking up information about a company prior to appearing for a job interview, we use and access the Internet for a variety of reasons. It is safe to say that our lives are becoming inextricably linked to the digital medium for the speed of service, quick turnaround time and the convenience it provides.

This trend is especially true in the areas of banking and insurance, where companies have transferred all their operations online. Customers no longer need to visit the local insurance provider’s office for a solution to their problem. They can simply log on to the insurer’s website to browse for policies, compare plan benefits, calculate the premium payable and even purchase the plan online.

Car insurance renewal is also possible online, from the comfort of your home. It takes just a few minutes of your time to complete from start to finish, using this steps:

  • Keep a track of the renewal date

    Your insurance provider will send you a reminder about the renewal date via SMS or email. Keep the date in mind or better still, set a reminder on your mobile phone or in your work diary so that you do not miss it.

  • Enter the policy details as prompted

    The best insurance plans can be purchased and renewed online. Car insurance renewal is also done online quite easily, instead of enlisting an insurance broker’s help to do the same. You need not fill out paperwork and issue cheques for the renewal – instead, log on to the insurer’s website and click on ‘Policy renewal’. There may be two fields marked ‘New customer’ and ‘Existing customer’. Pick the one applicable to you.

  • Follow directions

    From here on, you must simply follow the insurer’s instructions and fill out the policy details as required. Once the form is filled out, the insurer takes a few seconds to process the information and return with the next step, where you must proceed to make the payment.

  • Pay the amount online

    You can easily complete your best insurance plans online by paying for it using your credit or debit card. The payment is debited at once from your bank account.

  • Await acknowledgement of the renewal

    Once the payment is received and the details you entered are checked and verified, the insurer sends an acknowledgement of the car insurance renewal. This completes the process in five easy steps.

Your car and you are indefensible against accidental damage and injury if your car insurance is not renewed on time. Driving without a renewed policy makes you susceptible to hazards on the streets – and actually, why would you not renew your policy on time if you can do it so easily online?