Behind the wheel of cutting-edge car technology




In a time when alternatives to fossil fuels are imperative to reigning in environmental damage, electric vehicles can play a major role in a greener, cleaner future. In an effort to decarbonize transportation, the government has set itself a target of 30% EV penetration among private cars, 70% among commercial vehicles and a whopping 80% for 2- and 3-wheelers by 2030. Indian vehicle makers too realize the importance of sustainable energy and are striving to meet the needs of environmentally-conscious buyers, with a growing number of options from top manufacturers such as Mahindra, Hero and Tata.   

Health and safety are of utmost importance and that’s why the adoption of electric vehicles is so important in safeguarding our futures. If you are interested in a greener way to travel, an electric vehicle could be the answer. And don’t forget, good car insurance is also important to ensure your financial health in case of an accident or an unfortunate event.