Accident Insurance: Get one today

What do you think is scarier,meeting with an accident or realising that you do not have the resources to get hospitalised and get treatment?You may reconcile to the fact that you met with an accident,but not being able to avail the right kind of treatment in order to recover is like your worst nightmare come!0.What do you think would have made your life easier and allowed your family to rest easy as well?It would be the fact that you were insured and would be able to get the best treatment possible.So what is it that makes an accident insurance so important today?

There are new vehicles on the road and increasing every day.Most accidents that take place are on road with the country accounting for the maximum number of accidents.Having an insurance policy,that covers any medical expenses that you may incur in case of an unforeseen accident which could cause bodily injuries caused by a violent and external means.

An accident insurance covers instances like rail,road or air accident;any injury caused due to a fall or a collision,accidental injuries due to a cylinder burst,snake bite,frostbite or even a dog bite.Burn injuries,instances of drowning and poisoning are also some instances that are covered by some accident insurance providers.Such a policy covers death due to an accident,any loss of limbs,any partial or permanent disability that may be acceptable depending upon the terms and conditions in the policy.Most accident insurance policies do not cover medical expenses unless you pay an extra premium for that facility.

Age limits:To have an accident insurance policy the person/persons have to be aged between 5 to 70 years either male or female.If you have a family cover,then the age of children should be between five to nineteen years.The upper age limit can be relaxed in cases where the person is ready to pay an extra premium and if it is considered a special condition by the insurer.

Sum assured:To arrive at the sum assured to calculate the premium that needs to be paid,the company takes into consideration any income from gainful employment,type of occupation,the proposer’s age on date of proposal,the time period of insurance,the conditions of the place where the proposal has been made.

Benefits:There are some accident insurance policies that offer a benefit up to a limit of INR 50000 to the children of the insured in case of death or permanent disability.Give your family the support they need in case of any untoward accident or calamity.If you are still thinking about buying insurance,then make up your mind quickly and get one today to defend against any disasters that could strike without any warning.