9 reasons Why you should never skip taking Travel Insurance

While booking flight tickets, you may come across an option ‘include travel insurance and secure your trip’. You’d probably skip it just because it adds a small amount to the final booking price. We’d suggest that you be wise and realize the importance of the insurance and purchase it. So why is taking an insurance for a travel trip totally worth it? Have you ever wondered what a complete travel insurance from Future Generali safeguards you against?

Below-given are reasons to justify why you must choose travel insurance for your trips.

  • Cancellation of Trip
    What if you fall sick and cannot travel or a parent passes away and you are needed to be there. What if your home is struck with a disaster, like an earthquake? Can you afford to lose all the money you spent on the tickets to a destination? To overcome trip cancellation expenses, opt for a travel insurance which will reimburse all the out-of-pocket expenses.
    Remember, the reason for trip cancellation should be one that is not in your control, as mentioned above. Make sure that you understand what can be claimed under trip cancellation and under what circumstances you can do so.
  • Loss of Passport

    So you are on a business trip to Australia, and realize that your Passport is missing. Did you misplace it or was it stolen? In any case, international travel insurance will cover for lost passport and help in expediting the process of replacing the old one with a temporary or duplicate one, and even pay for a new Passport.

  • Delay or Loss of Baggage
    Are you attending your friend’s wedding in another country, but when waiting for the checked-in baggage at the airport, you realize that the airline has made a mistake and the baggage will be delayed. What do you do now? Relax, just call the insurer and inform about the situation. It will help in recovering your bags and reimburse you for any essential items you need to purchase to start enjoying your trip.
    Just in case the baggage is lost during the transit, then a sufficient coverage will be provided and you will be reimbursed for personal items, a suitcase, and new clothes.
  • Weather Worsens at Destination Spot
    You may book flight tickets to a destination at least a month or two before after carefully saving from income every month. But what if a week before departure, the destination is hit by a hurricane, making it impossible to begin your trip? Will you lose all the money you spent on the tickets?
    With overseas travel insurance, you can protect your abroad trip from weather damage and recover any pre-paid cost. The insurance company can even assist in arranging a holiday at a new location and organize for transportation, accommodation, and other needs.
  • Need of Medical Attention
    You are enjoying your time in Europe but suddenly you fall sick and need immediate medical care. Whom will you call for assistance? If you have Schengen travel insurance, then you need not worry. Get in touch with the insurer and it will arrange healthcare assistance instantly. It will find the nearest hospital to where you are located, provide ambulance service, and reimburse the medical expenses.
    If you have to cut the trip short and return home, the same will be arranged effortlessly. Air ambulance service may be included. The insurer can help in getting you treated in a hospital, on return to original destination.
  • Cancellation of Flight
    After a satisfying trip abroad, you arrive at the airport to head home only to be told that due to bad weather the flight is cancelled. Now who will help in finding a new flight to hometown? This issue stays solved on taking international travel insurance, which will refund expenses of old flight ticket.
    It will have a complete cover for a new return ticket and offer reasonable expense for a comfortable meal and stay until the flight arrives. Some providers offer the facility to check-in at lounges and hotels around the airport in case of emergencies.

  • Missed Connection
    So, you have planned an elegant party on a cruise and heading to the seas after taking a connecting flight. Alas, the flight gets delayed, which means, you may even miss the cruise party until you catch the next flight available to reach on time. If you have insurance for travel, then it will cover for missed connection and provide financial assistance needed to catch another flight. It will also arrange for finances to pay for any travel changes because of the missed connection.

  • Adventure Sports and Activities
    Do you love snowboarding, kayaking, rafting, bungee jumping, trekking, and likes? Do you plan to engage in adventure sports and activities on your trip overseas? But what if the event organizer has to cancel the activities due to technical mishaps or you get hurt in one of the sports? For those who love extreme sports, there is a way of protection by taking international travel insurance that covers planned activities.
    Check with the insurer which activities you can seek coverage for and inform the insurer beforehand about the activities you intend to participate in. In case of a related unforeseen situation, you will get a due compensation.

  • An Act of Terrorism
    If you plan to travel to a place that is susceptible to civil wars or acts of terrorism, then you must definitely choose travel insurance to avoid any mishaps, before you can even begin the trip. When choosing the right insurance, check if there is terrorism coverage. If the destination airport remains shut down at the time of violence and your trip, you will get due coverage.
    You can recover the amount spent on travel given an act of terrorism disrupting your plans. But, you have to initiate the cancellation.
    So, don’t you think that travel insurance is worth purchasing to secure your trip? Most of the insurances cover for travel by air, road, and waterways. Find the right plan for your vacation and enjoy the trip at the fullest.