8 Great Ways To Plan The Perfect Staycation

Getting into this new decade, we all had high hopes for 2020. However, the novel coronavirus had other plans. It’s been a year filled with fear and restrictions. By now, most of us are mentally exhausted and longing for the good old days where socializing was not irresponsible and hand sanitizer was optional. As work from home, online schooling, super-high hygiene standards and the stress of the pandemic continue, we are all in need of some fun! The answer: staycation. While the threat of Covid-19 isn’t going away soon, it doesn’t have to ruin those vacation days you have stored up. Here’s how to make the most of the cooler months and festive season with vacation ideas that are doable right at home.     

Take the time off (properly)

Working from home can blur the lines that define a workday. You may find yourself finishing presentations before you can brush your teeth in the morning, or making up for a hectic day with the kids by working long into the night. This might lead you to think that you can manage fun activities at home without using up your vacation days but in order to truly relax and recharge apply for leave so that your mind is completely off your job. 

Try a themed staycation

Travel the world by choosing a destination you’d love to visit and making it your staycation theme for the day (or week!). If you’d love to visit Greece, watch a movie set in the country, cook or order a Greek meal, and listen to some music from the country. You could switch up countries or thoroughly explore and learn about a single place’s culture during your time off. This is a great way to get kids engaged and interested in other countries. Websites like Commisceo Global can give you an exciting and easy guide to different societies around the world with general details including culture, etiquette and food.   

Go to the ‘movies’

Make use of streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix to create a movie night at home. To recreate the ultimate summer holiday experience for your family, set a time for the start of the film as well as an ‘intermission’. Get the movie snacks (popcorn, samosas, nachos, candy, cola, juice, etc) ready, dim the lights and draw the curtains, and get comfy on the sofa.  

Have a picnic at home

The great outdoors may not be accessible right now but indoors can be as great with a little creativity. Kids will love an at-home picnic. If you have a balcony or terrace, even better. Pack a fun lunch to set out onto a blanket on the floor and play make-believe that your surroundings are a beautiful park of a forest. Games like I-spy, Jenga, board games or cards can make your picnic even more exciting. 

Do the things you’ve put off doing

Whether you are fond of reading, cooking, arts and crafts or exercising, the busyness of everyday life can have you putting your favorite activities on the back burner. Use your vacation to do all those things you enjoy but don’t get enough time to focus on.  

Pamper yourself

Crave out some me-time by pampering yourself with a face pack, home manicure and pedicure and long bath. Buy your favorite beauty products, chocolates or tea and enjoy them leisurely while relaxing and listening to your favorite music. It may not be a beach holiday in Ibiza but your mind and body will feel the effects of being taken care of.    

Enroll in a yoga retreat

Enroll in an online yoga class to jumpstart your fitness resolutions for 2021. Yoga is great for the mind and body and can be a great addition to your vacation. In fact, you can even book a yoga retreat to attend at home. Get into the swing of things by changing your diet according to those recommended to detox and recharge your body.     

Make meditation a part of your routine

Daily meditation is a wonderful way to help deal with stress and calm you. Just like with yoga, you can use your vacation days to practice mindfulness. Apps like Mindspace and The Mindfulness App and Calm can help you get started with their guided meditation and mindfulness strategies.  

Whatever you plan to do for your staycation, the trick is to choose things that are fun for the whole family and don’t involve too much stress or effort for one person (you!). And remember, you don’t need to go far away to feel a million miles away!