5 amazing gizmos that protect your car border line

Our cars are extremely precious to us, and we do everything we can to keep them in good condition at all times.
To this end, we get our cars serviced every so often, drive carefully and use only the best engine oils to
prolong its good performance. However, you can upgrade your car’s value and also increase your own protection by
installing some essential gadgets, such as:

  • Fog lights

    With increasing pollution levels in our cities, there is often a dense smog cover even during the day
    time. The smog gets worse in times of high humidity, reducing visibility drastically. Or you might work
    in an industrial area that causes fog to permeate the air. Hence, you must install special fog lights
    for low visibility conditions and to be able to see oncoming traffic before it is too late.

  • USB mobile charger

    Though it is not advisable to use your mobile phone while driving, you must have enough phone battery for
    emergencies. Your car may break down in a remote location and you may need to call your service centre for
    help. Or your fuel might give out and you may be stranded on a busy junction with cars honking at you! Your
    phone must be sufficiently charged at all times – this can be done with a USB phone charger installed in
    your car. Plug in the charger in your car and attach your phone to it for sufficient battery.

  • Anti-theft gear lock

    There is no way to predict a possible robbery attempt, with thieves routinely breaking into cars. Cars parked
    on public roads are especially susceptible to theft and damage. Prevent your car from being stolen by
    installing a special gear lock that makes it difficult to steal by emitting a loud alarm when the gear is
    changed without releasing the lock. Some gear locks do not allow the car to move without the use of a master

  • Reverse parking sensor

    Most of us live and work in busy neighbourhoods, where other vehicles and people jostle for space constantly.
    If you live in a densely populated locality, you might consider installing a reverse parking sensor that
    emits a loud alarm on detecting an object too close to the car. The sensor calculates the ‘safe’ distance
    between your car and the object/person and cautions you to brake at once. This helps prevent collisions.

  • Car insurance

    Technically, this is not a gadget you can install in your car. Let’s just say it is an invisible safety net
    that you cast around your car so that you are adequately protected against the financial repercussions of an
    accident. Buy car insurance to safeguard yourself against accidental injury and damages, third party claims
    in an accident inadvertently caused by you and even the medical costs associated with the accident (both for
    yourself and a third party). Your car insurance policy will
    keep your mind at ease every time you take the wheel.