10 creative ways to reuse plastic at home

It’s a common fact that all the single-use plastic produced today has led to a range of negative environmental effects such as ocean pollution. 

According to a report, the Central Pollution Control Board stated that India generated 26,000 tonnes per day (TPD) of plastic waste in 2017-18. While around 60% of that was recycled, the other 40% was made up by litter, landfill garbage or wound up in streams. This waste has a huge environmental impact, causing land and water pollution. It is estimated that in 2015 the Ganga River took 1.15 lakh tonnes of plastic into the ocean (according to a research paper in Nature Communication magazine).  

That’s why it’s more important than ever to come up with cool, innovative ways to transform plastics found around the house into something useful and long-lasting! Here we look at some brilliant alternatives to recycling your plastic bottles, from reusing plastic as storage to upcycling them to create fun toys and games.




Just as you would buy good home insurance to ensure that your property and valuables are protected, reusing and recycling plastic makes sure you do your part to ensure that the earth remains protected against pollution for generations to come.